Established in 1900

For Trademore Feeds there is no distinction in service between a client or a supplier. Small or large, we consider them to be valuable partners in our business. If they succeed and prosper, we have done our job well and together we will grow from strength to strength.

It was with this philosophy that Trademore was established in 1997. Mutual trust and respect being the cornerstone of our business. We know that consistency, reliability, and quality are absolutely essential when supplying agricultural feed ingredients. Because of this we remain single minded in our commitment to the original business philosophy. We have put down roots and grown to a point where we see ourselves as a company with a bright future, helping both suppliers and client s succeed by ensuring that every transaction is always mutually beneficial.

Trademore Feeds’ founding members each boast over a decade of experience in field, servicing the industry and building trust and reliability.

Each of the members has established themselves as a specialist in either oil cakes, proteins, grains, veterinary requirements, finance nor logistics. Together they form a team that has driven Trademore Feeds to the heights it has so quickly reached.

Trademore Feeds’ infrastructure is highly efficient, poised to ensure prompt collection and delivery, being accessible to all Southern Africa’s major land and seaports.

Adhering to contractual commitments is the fundamental aspects of our business, and as such everyone at Trademore Feeds strives to make the company the most reliable source of all your animal health and feed requirements.